Monday, 9 January 2017

Photo Shoot at Home

There is little doubt that when you have just given birth your first instinct is to hunker down and nest with your newborn child.  You want to get to know them, rest, cuddle, spend time watching them and cooing at them.  It's hard to think about leaving the house to go to a photography studio.  So I am a strong believer that home photo shoots are the way to go for newborns.  I think if you're close to my West London Photography Studio then the studio lighting does give you more in the way of options as I can control the lighting and have a nice space in which to relax and take the images, however I do the majority of newborn shoots in peoples homes.  That way no one has to leave the house, the baby is more relaxed, the parents are more relaxed and generally things go more smoothly.

Here are a couple of images from a recent newborn shoot that was taken in their home in Kensington.
Newborn portrait London

Home photo shoot

newborn portrait at home

All images by Susan Porter-Thomas Photography LSWPP London

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