Wednesday, 1 June 2016

British Summer time!

The Weather

So most of my shoots are location family photo shoots in London and as such we have the not insignificant issue of the weather to deal with.  This spring has been a very good case in point with drastic swings in weather meaning it could be perfect conditions in the morning and clearly the opposite by mid morning~!!  So what to do, Well I really do think that as family photographer London is pretty much perfect despite this, it's usually got great overcast diffused light usually with a bit of a breeze (wind machine) and because of this, the outdoor locations I usually use are not too crowded and I can find a great vista without having to airbrush out random families in the background.

I find that everyone young and old relax far easier if they are outside as it's not too abnormal a setting, so once they've got used to me holding a camera, things settling down very quickly.  A studio environment certainly has its place, but for natural relaxed portraits nothing beets a trip to the park.  Little kids who have a very short attention span are ideal for location shoots.

The above photo was taken in Kew Gardens, a stunning location all year round.  

Susan Porter-Thomas LASWPP Family Photography London

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