Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bump to Boy

Yesterday I met a gorgeous little boy who previous to then I had only seen inside his mummy's tummy for the pregnancy shoot I did with her a couple of years ago.  He was simply beautiful with amazing red hair and the sweetest face.  We went to Kew Gardens and were extermely lucky to get a break in the rain clouds when the sun came out, however, little Alicio was clearly not happy..teathing pain had set in that morning poor thing.  So we didn't get a huge amount of time with a happy little boy but still got some gorgeous shots which I will post tomorrow once I have processed them.  And it was really great to see the Mother again after all this time.
We also decided that considering he was a daddy's boy right now, that next time we meet, we should leave daddy at home so that we can get some good shots of just Mummy and Alicio.  Every time we tried, he just wriggled and ran over to daddy...Poor Mummy, we know how you feel!!

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